Change Notepad++ Default Save and Open Directory

I was getting frustrated with Notepad++ as every I would go to File and Open it would open some random localization type directory and I would have to navigate out to my documents or desktop. I found it’s a very obvious setting to adjust I just had never taken the time to look for it.

  1. Click Settings – top menu
  2. Select Preferences…
  3. Select Tab – New Document/Default Directory
  4. Go to top right section – Default Directory (Open/Save)
  5. Select on of the options that suits you best – I chose to designate a path to C:\Users\Desktop

Definitely simple and frustrated I didn’t look for it sooner.  Here is a screen of the preferences box in Notepad++

Changing Notepad Default Directory

Changing Notepad Default Directory

This simple run in today just reminds me that almost all programs have a setting for what is annoying you, so you don’t have to put up with most nuances. Take a moment and fix what is bugging you.

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