JavaScript Operators Challenge Question

JavaScript Operators Challenge Question that I stumbled upon from Stackoverflow and wanted to share it here to have as a fun challenge question.

The question is: In JavaScript, why does this equal 42?


Give it some thought. Have you figured it out yet?

Here is the explanation given at StackOverflow

The basic elements are as follows:


This is true, which can be coerced in to 1.

a >> b

The right-shift operator. In this case, it’s only used at the beginning of the expression as 0 >> 1 which evaluates to 0.


Bitwise XOR. Both usages above have either a or b are 0, and so the result is the non-zero operand.

[a] + [b]

String addition of a and b, evaluates to “ab”; if both a and b are numeric (e.g. [0]+[1] the result can be coerced into a numeric.

[a] * [b]

Multiplication can be performed on single element arrays, apparently. So this is equivalent to a*b.


a << b

The left-shift operator; for positive integers this effectively multiplies by 2 to the power of b. In the expression above, this is used with b = 0, so the result is a.

If you apply the correct order of operations, you get out [2] * [21] which evaluates to 42.

Send it to your friends, see how good they are with JavaScript operators.

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